The wee black book.

The wee black book all battered and torn with its pages no longer bound to it’s cover, to say its seen better days would be putting it lightly!  Yet, this little investment combined with a cheap ink pen has for me been the bargain of the past year, and I truly mean that!

So what is it?  Why should you care?  Well it’s exactly as the post title states, a little black book that is small enough to fit in your pocket.  One that you could pull out at any moment and take note of that little idea you had that you know you’ll forget about if you don’t find some way to remember it quickly.

I often find myself thinking about ways to improve things, or topics I want to blog about, or even just having a debate with myself (in my head) on anything (I’m not troubled, I swear!).  Now and again, probably a few times a week I’ll have a fantastic idea that I really need to take note of, or I might have even thought about a whole blog post and need to jot down a quick high level overview about it.  The wee black book is my friend, it’s always there for me in times of need!  Sometimes I let it sleep at the side of my bed, or take it for a wee run in the car, I’ll even occasionally wake it up during the night and disturb it by writing on it’s wee pages (poor thing).

This works wonders for me!  I’d often thought about buying something to take notes of my ideas; then quickly forgot about it!  When I finally did remember to buy something it quickly paid its cost a hundred times over and brought to life many a great idea which could have been lost, never to be found again.

Next time why not take note of your ideas?  Get yourself your own wee black book from Glasgow, or even just a small one from anywhere else :-)

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