Image, show you care!

Yesterday I tweeted “Found a bug with my favorite piece of software #jing *cries* although in fairness it’s very minor and has an easy workaround”. Now Jing really is my favorite piece of software, I use it to show case good usability when I’m trying to get usability improvements done.  The fact that I can take a screenshot, drop an arrow with some informational text on it, save it & have the path to the screenshot automatically copied to my clipboard to then paste into a bug report, all in less than 30 seconds!  That’s usability!

Anyway enough about how much I enjoy this software, what really impressed me was only a couple of minutes after I’d tweeted this I got a reply, from Jing!  “Uh-oh! What’s the bug? We don’t like workarounds–even if they’re easy. We’re in suspense :).  Now that’s a company that cares about their image, I was impressed.  I replied “@JingTips the jury is out, is it or isn’t it? Like I said minor ;-).

Now judge for yourself, technically it’s one of those defects that you don’t really know if it is or isn’t one.  Personally I’m not sure myself.  If there was a similar bug on my company’s software I’d have at least gotten a second opinion before deciding to raise it or not.

With the emergence of social monitoring applications such as Radian6 companies now have an excellent opportunity in being proactive by listening to what their customers have to say.   Image is a big thing, we should all be promoting our companies image and be fully aware of it when we test.  Be proactive; listen to what your customer has to say!

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